I am now Curious George

The reason I picked Curious George as my caricature is because from a young age I felt a connection to him. Curious George and I are alike when most people think about us they think about the mischief we are always causing, and most people are right, often times we are leaving a mess behind. However, when I reflect on Curious George I try to think about what his intent is. His purpose is never to cause a disruption, rather it is to make the world a better place and learn more about the world around him. Curious George tries to do this via simple acts such as gifting a ballon or walking a busy neighbor’s dog. As the months have turned to years Curious George and I have grown apart in the number of mistakes made during the attempt of these “simple acts.” What still keeps us the same is our love for learning, and that is why I picked this image. In this picture you see Curious George looking through these binoculars instead of not being able to see his eyes you see his eyes enlarged. With these binoculars, he is able to see the world around him more clearly, and he is not closing his eyes rather he opens them and is ready to see more and take more knowledge in. I like to think I am like Curious George in that way always ready and seeking the opportunity to take more in even if it sometimes lands me in a bit of trouble.

When creating the badge I was not sure which image I would want use as my depiction of Curious George. A personly photographed option of a monkey on my back that resembled Curious George or the cartoon. I ended up picking the cartoon version because of its ability to give personality and personal connection to viewers.




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